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Huski Wear appoints sales agent for the Norwegian market

Updated: 9 July 2021, 09:26


Huski Wear has appointed Audun Hunshammer as our sales agent in Norway. Audun have an extensive experience from the world of skiing and local skiing destinations.

“Having them onboard the Huski Wear team means that we have started our expansion in Norway much earlier than expected.”

Magnus Liljeblad, Former CEO at Huski Wear

Norway is an important market for Huski Wear. Practically the entire population lives and breathes our business idea: a fun, active lifestyle with friends and the team, going to and from their destination, all year round.

Audun’s experiences working with local ski clubs and destinations is invaluable to us. Having him onboard the Huski Wear team means that we have started our expansion in Norway much earlier than expected," says former CEO Magnus Liljeblad.

Get to know Huski Wear’s new sales agent

Audun Hunshammer – with a background in the hotel and restaurant business and IT industry – joined Huski Wear’s sister company Huski Chocolate in the winter of 2015/2016. Since then, he’s set up Huski Chocolate machines in Kvitfjell, Trysil and many other skiing destinations and mountain tops in Norway, from Lofoten up north to Sirdal down south. 

Audun is also closely connected to the world of skiing through his kids: a son who still competes and a daughter who gave up her skiing career at 16 to pursue higher studies. 

"We are both really looking forward to working with Huski Wear! After all, both of us feel most at home when we’re in skiing gear :) As both of us have experienced all kinds of weather on the slopes, we’re excited to be given the opportunity to work with such a high-quality brand as Huski Wear, whose wide range of products has you covered in all types of weather conditions and activities," Magnus and Audun conclude. 

Audun are agent for Huski Wear AB in Sweden and will initially focus on direct sales to ski clubs and destinations.

Contact information to Huski Wear sales rep in Norway

Audun Hunshammer


Phone: +47 900 600 90