This Is Huski Wear


The mountains is our starting point. But Huski Wear clothes can be used for any type of activity and in all steps of your adventure, really. While you’re travelling to your destination, while you’re out skiing/hiking/biking (fill-in-your-activity-of-choice), and when you’re relaxing afterwards. Our ambition is timeless, durable, functional, comfortable, sustainable, affordable outdoor wear that meets all of your needs. And if they don’t, let us know! You are our best product developers. We’re all set on doing this together with you. 

To make better clothes, we’ve cut out the middleman and deliver straight to you.

In order to make awesome-looking, super-comfortable, high-quality, long-lasting clothes that are not only affordable but also friendlier to the environment, we decided to cut out the costly middleman and deliver straight to you. The money saved by keeping the process simple is invested in the things that actually make a difference to you instead: quality, functionality and reasonable prices.

All Huski Wear clothing is designed and developed by our renowned design team in Sweden. They put fit, function and durability before fast-fashion trends to make products that last over time. The garments are manufactured by the incredibly skilled team at our factory in Asia, then shipped to our warehouse in Sweden from where they’re distributed to you. It’s as simple as that! 

And since all Huski Wear products are made in the same factory, there’s no need to ship fabrics, trims and all that other stuff that goes into the making of a garment to different factories around the world, thus giving Mother Earth a well-needed break too. Because let’s face it, the textile industry itself is responsible for 10% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. Sustainability is not a nice-to-have in 2021, it’s a must. And we set our aims high. We want to be part of the solution


Our story: From idea to reality in record time

Huski Wear might be a brand-spanking-new brand, but we didn’t emerge out of thin air. Behind the scenes, you’ll find a dream team of designers, manufacturers, marketers and professional skiers with tons of experience in making and selling activewear. 

The wheels were set in motion in 2019 when Strawberry HK Ltd (who runs a garment manufacturing factory in Asia) got the idea that they wanted to create a new D2C outdoor brand. After a short period, all ideas were put into reality and a new brand began to take shape together with a dedicated & entrepreneurial team that all come from different backgrounds but with the same goal, to create a new sustainable, innovative & unique brand.

The team met up with their mates at Huski Chocolate and a few hours – and quite a few laughs – later, Huski Wear was born. They were going to make high-quality sportswear with a high level of functionality and thought-through design and sell directly to the wearers around the world at the right price.

Fast forward to 2021 and we’ve gone from idea to reality in record time. A whole array of experts in their field have joined the Huski Wear adventure since we started and our products have now been on the market since January. We’re providing apparel to alpine skiing teams in Sweden and Norway and we’ve just recently successfully entered the Austrian market (where skiing is a national sport and there are over 2000 active ski clubs).