Huski Wear is about living and breathing an active lifestyle that makes a big impression in all adventures but at the same time makes such a small impression in terms of environment for nature & people.
Sure, it may sound like a utopia but the truth is that Huski Wear's cornerstone is about daring to be different and challenging no matter how high the mountain to be climbed is.

Not everyone can do everything but everyone can do something and we choose to at least try to do the right thing from the beginning, to give future generations an honest chance to continue living an active lifestyle and protect both natural & human resources.

Local sourcing and production

All of our products are made in Asia. Whether that’s good or bad can always be discussed, but we have chosen to map out our entire production process to pinpoint all of the areas where we can minimize carbon emissions even more. 

We have partnered with one factory and concentrated all of our production on the surrounding region. By doing so, we don’t have to send fabrics, trims, labels and other fittings halfway across the world to create just one product. Our “ingredients” only travel a short distance. Centring our production to a single region also means that we can ship all of our products from just one port, thus minimizing our carbon emissions even more.